healing soothing cleansing

individually wrapped, mess free, herbal satchels formulated to heal soreness after sex.

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  • "I was so excited to try this! It shipped super fast and came quickly. The packaging was so cute! I used it in the bath and cleanup was very easy thanks to the lil’ tea bag packaging." -Brenna

  • "I had an inflamed micro tear after having sex that was close to becoming infected. After 1 day of doing a sitz bath with Slut Soak, the inflammation went down. After 2 days the inflammation went away completely and the tear healed. This stuff is magic pussy potion!"

    -Destinee, mother and doula

  • "I love this soak! It’s so nice for post coital refreshing! It’s soothing and makes my skin feel soft while not taking away from the fun of the moment. My partner has joined me for a tub soak and he loves it too!"


  • "This herbal bath/soak is absolutely incredible! If you don't have a bath tub/time to take a full bath, you can even use it in a peri bottle or as a sitz bath or herbal steam! It's positively delightful! Will order again! My bits feel fully soothed and revitalized!"